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    relative vs absolute urls (problem with proxy)

    Stoigniew Sztank Newbie

      I trying to deploy jboss seam application in the following configuration:

      Apache as a front server and jboss as as my application server. The users connects to the server through the VPN or SSH tunnels. The apache sever work as a proxy.

      (user request) https://foo/bar -> apache proxy -> (jboss)

      In pages.xml I'm using redirection like this:

      <page view-id="/page1.xhtml">
      <navigation from-action="#{contractActions.action}">
      <redirect view-id="/page2.xhtml"/>

      I have the following problems with urls:

      Problematic scenario:

      1. User started the application using url https://foo/bar/page1

      2.User click the action button (h:comandButton)

      3. The form is submited

      4. User gets a WRONG url in the responce:

      So it looks that jboss used absolute url. Is it possible to enforce using the relative url in the above scenario?

      In places when the a4j:commandButton is used there is no problem like that. Currently a replace all commandButtons with a4j:buttons and redirect to the proper page in pages.xml but It is awkward.

      My jboss administrator is saing that this is jboss/releative/absolute url's configuration issue.

      It is my first development using Jboss Seam. I would be very grateful for some advice.

      (I using seam 2.0.0.GA)
      Best regards!

      Stoigniew Sztank