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    Evaluating IOC Containers

    Adam Krieg Newbie

      I'm in the process of evaluating a few IOC frameworks for building applications. My requirements are:

      1. Support for creating/wiring up POJO's using XML configuration
      2. Support for breaking out configuration across multiple components
      3. Support for "discovery" of deployed components by container (not hard coded in a startup script or xml file)
      4. Lifecycle management
      5. Dependency management
      6. JMX interface for deployed components if desired
      7. Special Classloader to find jars in a specified directory so that startup scripts are minimal

      JBoss microcontainer seems to support the first 5 requirements nicely, but perhaps not the last 2, which perhaps are meant to be built on top of the microcontainer.

      Does JBoss offer addons to provide support for the last 2 items? I know JBoss AS does these 2 things, but is the microcontainer integrated with the MBeanServer and JBoss classloader? Basically I'm looking for the traditional JBoss microkernel with POJO support. Does such a thing exist yet?


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