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    JBossESB 4.2GA QuickStart Issues

    Krishna Satya Newbie

      Hi, I am trying to evaluate the JBoss ESB product and upon installation am running into issues trying to following the "Getting Started" trail. I am unable to run the basis hello world module.

      When I attempt to follow the instructions (both for the standalone and the esb archive mode) I get the following error. Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.


      --- ERROR DETAILS ---
      [C:/home/install/jboss/jbossesb-server-4.2MR2/samples/quickstarts/helloworld] ant undeploy-jms-dests
      Buildfile: build.xml

      C:\home\install\jboss\jbossesb-server-4.2MR2\samples\quickstarts\helloworld\build.xml:9: The following error occurred while executing t
      his line:
      C:\home\install\jboss\jbossesb-server-4.2MR2\samples\quickstarts\conf\base-build.xml:26: JBossESB must be built. Please run 'ant' in C:

      Total time: 0 seconds

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