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    Problem with Queues

    Lars Olafsson Newbie


      I got problem when i am running my services. I have a schedule-provider wich delivers a msg to my listener but when my action then fails the msg never leaves the queue. Wich will result in the same error next time i run the service, cause the erroneous msg is still in the queue. Is there some way other than going to the JMX Console in the Server View.

      I would like to include it in the ant build, so that it allways clean the queue's when i deploy my services. As of now i have the follwing section in my ant build.xml.

      <target name="clean" description="Cleans the build directories and .esb file">
       <delete dir="${build.dir}" />
       <delete dir="${classes}" />
       <delete dir="${external_classes}" />
       <fileset dir="${product.dir}\server\default\deploy" includes="${ant.project.name}.esb" />

      Here i would like to add a method call wich will empty the queues, but i have no idea how i call a function from the build.xml? Can anyone of you help me?