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    Doubts about ESB configuration

    Luiz Barbosa Newbie

      Hi people,

      I have been looking for a way to implement a wizard for configuration of services in JBossESB (and other ESBs) from my web application.

      What I really like to do is allow that my web application connects to JBossESB (and others) to configure services into it (them). It's like to have the web interface that it (or some of them) provides to make the configuration from my web application.

      I have been talking about this with some guys and two possibilities that they gave me are:
      1. To develop everything into the web application and send the information through JMX.
      2. To develop a generator of XML content (in memory) and send it to JBossESB (and others), where would have another implementation made by me, like a module (one of the guys said me that this could be a JBI Service Engine), which would receive the XML content generated by the web application.

      Using the first one possibility, I would have all solution into my application and developping the other one, I would have one implementation to each ESB that I want to connect to if it wouldn't be done with JBI (I think.. right? Because it seams that would be the same if I do it with JBI).

      One guy told me that the second one would be the best, because, until he knows (based on the PoCs (proof of concept) he made ), some of ESBs he tested required some manual configuration to publish the services to be accessed through the ESB. He didn't do anything with JBI and didn't know anything about this.

      Another thing is that if I deploy only once a JBI Service Engine (SE), I can do the configuration of every service I want to publish in the ESB, through this SE. In other words, I won't need to ask to the admin of ESB to do the configuration to me (or do it through the web interface of ESB).

      Please, does anybody know if which ESBs that support JBI give an interface to another application connects to them to configures services?

      I thank you in advance for any information!



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