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    How to specify WS-Security with SOAPClient ?

    Stefan Lecho Newbie


      I'm using SOAPClient to connect to an external Webservice. The technical call to the webservice works, but it requires that the SOAP Request is signed with the aid of WS-Security.

      I've been looking at the webservice_wssecurity example, but this relies on the fact that both server and client use the "Standard WSSecurity" configuration. In my case, I can not control nor change the server part, so I suppose this solution will not work :o( .

      Based on the experience I have with Axis2, I was wondering if it would be possible to specify as a parameter of the SOAPClient the policy file to use: something like parameter name="policyFile" value="WEB-INF/MyPolicyFile.xml"?

      Regards, Stefan Lecho.

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