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    Transaction does not get committed or rollback on the slave

    Quande Ren Newbie

      I am using JBoss4.0.5.GA and JBossTS4.2.2. I have a ServerA and ServerB and a client. here is my flow senario:

      1. client call a stateless session BeanA on ServerA,
      2. BeanA do some pre work,
      3. BeanA then call another stateless session BeanB on serverB,
      4. BeanB do some work,
      5. BeanA do some post work.

      the result shows that if either step 2 or step 5 failed, then the whole transaction get rollbacked correctly. but if step 4 failed, then transaction on ServerA rollback, but the transaction on ServerB does not get rollbacked or committed, we can see the debug information says the xa datasource transaction get started but never get rollbacked. and the database connection remains in use, and when we run the test several times, all the database connections will used up.

      I hope some experts can help about this.

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