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    rollback not called in enlisted XA resource

    Neil Curzon Newbie

      We have a situation in a 4 node JBoss-4.0.3SP1/JBoss Transactions 4.2.2 in which

      A1 invokes a method on B1 which enlists a MySql XA connection in the transaction and does some work successfully.

      A1 invokes a method on A2 which then invokes a method on B2 which also enlists a MySql XA connection. Some work fails, which results in an exception being caught. The transaction is set rollback only in B2.

      We see the following sequence of calls on B1's XA resource: start, end, prepare, rollback (expected). On B2's XA resource we see only start. (we expect start, end, prepare, rollback).

      Currently, we're working on a simplified test case to post. In the mean time, does anybody have any info that might help us?

      Thanks in advance.

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