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    CR1 CPU Usage is Sky High

    Ross Nicholson Apprentice



      The other day I moved from the Beta5 release to  CR1.


      All I changed in my source code was to add the Resource Adapter annotation for hornetq-ra in my MDBs.


      Since then I have noticed that in general my app server is less responsive.


      Running the "top" command I notice that a single CPU is always at 100% and every 20-30 seconds CPU usage will go through the roof with upto 100 new threads created. I don't even send any messages. All I do is start the server.


      With Beta5 this never happened, during idle the CPU would be at 2-3%.


      I'm not saying this is the fault of CR1 but I'd interested to hear if there are any reasons you can think of for why this happened.


      I'm using the same Jboss version across both releases 5.1.0.GA