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    How to assign value inside .xhtml?

    Rocky S Master

      <s:decorate id="nameDecoration" template="layout/edit.xhtml">
                      <ui:define name="label">name</ui:define>
                      <h:inputText id="name"
                          <a:support event="onblur" reRender="nameDecoration" bypassUpdates="true" ajaxSingle="true"/>


      I do have already an "namefull" value with me.

      <h:outputText id="namefull" value="#{holeHome.namefull}"></h:outputText>



      Just i want to assign this "namefull" value to above inputText value "holeHome.instance.name". I know we can achieve this in javascript by using onfocus event and assign the value. So the user do not need to enter himself "fullname" and can then save.


      But i am not aware how this can be done here using EL expression or richfaces?