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    EJB-Jar ignored at EAR-deployment

    Florian Reiser Newbie



      I have an ear containing several ejb-jars and wars besides some utility libraries in the ears lib directory.

      One of the ejb-jars is silently ignored by jboss when the ear gets deployed.

      No stacktrace, no error-message not even a log entry which mentions its name.


      When I remove it from the ear, jboss complains that theres an ejb-jar in the application.xml which is not there => correct.

      When I remove the Class-Path line from the ejb-jar MANIFEST.MF then it gets deployed, but shows a ClassNotFoundException => correct.

      But as soon as the Class-Path line in the ejb-jar MANIFEST.MF is there, it gets silently ignored.


      My thinking is, that there is one (or several) libraries, that are missing from the Class-Path.

      But I can not see which are missing, because I do not get any ClassNotFoundException or anything else that helps me to debug this issue.


      How can I configure jboss in a way that tells me whats wrong with my ejb-jar?


      Operating System: Windows 7

      Jboss 4.2.3.GA

      JDK 1.5


      With kind regards