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    <rich:modal Panel> Issue

    sorna sirahu Newbie

      Hi All...

      I have 2 command  buttons called save and cancel in <rich:modal Panel>

      I have a method for save validations in the backing bean. If i click save it works fine.

      Immediately after saving correctly if i try to save invalid message(debugging)  nothing happens!!!!! I mean the error messages not get displayed. But if i try again (after refreshing) the errror messages get displayed. What must be the problem?


      Please help me..

      code here:



      <rich:modalPanel id="changetimezoneModalPanel" autosized="true"  onshow="javascript:scroll(0, 0);focusElement('reqChangeTimezoneForm', 'requestFeatureModal_TypeId');"
           rendered="true" width="500" height="300" minWidth="400" minHeight="300">

      <rich:spacer id="changeTimeZoneEmptySpacer"/>

      <h:form id="reqChangeTimezoneForm">


      <tr class="formLayoutTableRow">
                                                      <td class="formLayoutLabel"><h:outputLabel
                                                          value="Time Zone:" styleClass="labelStyle"
                                                          id="timezoneCreatetimezoneLabel" /></td>
                                                      <td class="formLayoutComponent"><a4j:outputPanel
                                                          <h:selectOneMenu id="timezoneCreatetimezoneValue"
                                                              <f:selectItem itemLabel="- Please Choose -" />
                                                                  value="#{backing_timeZoneChangeModal.timeZoneList}" />

      <tr colspan=2>


                                                          styleClass="btnSave" id="SaveButton" oncomplete="#{rich:component(backing_timeZoneChangeModal.lovCloseValue)}.hide()"/>
                                                      <a4j:commandButton action="#{backing_timeZoneChangeModal.cancel_action}"





      This is my code snippet..

      lovCloseValue is a String in the backing bean that will ve the value either modal panel id or rich spacer id..

      If save_action succes it will have modal panel id(that is it must get hide if success) otherwise it will have the richspacer id to display error code