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    Tomcat client,mdb failover issue

    Radhika Sivaraj Newbie


      Unable to get this scenario working. i've read all the documentation but still no clue.

      I have a queue at node A and a back up queue at node B.

      I've a tomcat client application using spring jmsTemplate to send messages to nodeA.

      MDB in node C picks the message from node A.

      When nodeA crashes, nodeB starts up and i can see the backup server activated and also all the queues are displayed in JMX console of node B as expected. Great till now.


      I have two issues after crashing node A.

      1. The tomcat client application is now unable to send messages to nodeB and it still tries to connect and send to nodeA.

      Exception that I get :

      Caused by: HornetQException[errorCode=2 message=Unable to connect to server using configuration org-hornetq-integration-transports-netty-NettyConnectorFactory?port=5445&host=ip of nodeA]


      2. My MDB is not listening to my queue in nodeB.


      What do I do to get tomcat send messages to node B instead of node A


      mdb to listen to node B instead of node A.


      PS: I've run the sample failover examples which work perfectly. It is this scenario that is not working may be because the client is Tomcat in my case and/or i'm using MDBs to receive messages. Please help.





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