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    SNMP Status and Future Plans

    Jean Deruelle Newbie

      Hi all,


      I wanted to know if anyone could give me some insight on the status and future plans for SNMP Support in JBoss AS (and potentially other projects)
      I dig a bit and so far I have found 2 things :


      Jopr supports SNMP traps for Jopr Alerts : http://mc4j.org/confluence/display/JOPR2/SNMP+Trap+Notifications


      However, in my understanding, it doesn't support interaction in the sense that it is not possible to configure the JBoss AS from a distant SNMP agent.
      Also if one application needs to generate SNMP traps or respond to some events it is not possible neither with it


      There is also the JBoss SNMP Adapter : http://community.jboss.org/wiki/JBossSNMPAdapter
      >From the wiki page : "It can be used to intercept JMX notifications emitted by MBeans, convert them to SNMP traps and send them to SNMP managers. In this respect the snmp-adaptor acts as an SNMP agent. It supports also basic get and getNext so one can now query snmp-oids, which in turn are mapped to JMX attribute gets." Apparently set are possible as well by looking deeper at this pagehttp://community.jboss.org/wiki/JBossSNMPAdapterGetValues


      However under the covers it uses the JoeSNMP third party lib which doesn't sound very active anymore (no new releases since 2006 and stuck in version 0.3.4) and not support which version of the protocol it supports (it seems v1 and v2 but not 100% sure)
      Also it seems the MIB that ships by default is rather empty and doesn't let you interact much with JBoss AS


      I didn't gather any formal requirements but I guess allowing monitoring and controlling the AS through SNMP similar to the way it is possible through JMX would be enough.
      Also maybe have a way for other services to augment the MIB and attributes.xml with their own attribtues in some way (at runtime, but I fear this would impact server startup time though) to avoid exposing service attributes if the service is not deployed (but not sure if it is doable though)
      What would be the procedure currently if I need to add attributes, notifications for Mobicents containers ? (I only see overriding the current files with our own upon bundling Mobicents, would it be ok if we do that ?)

      Regarding Mobicents/JBoss Communications Platform, SNMP support is a must have, so I wanted to know the future plans for SNMP if any.


      Thanks in advance

      Best regards

      Jean Deruelle

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