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    Support needed in JSFUnit testing for JSF and Websphere Portol server 6.0 based application.

    sreekanth vankadara Newbie

      We need support for implementing JSFUnit framework on JSF and Portol based application deployed on Websphere portol server 6.0.

      Problem Scenorio :

      In JSFUnit testing :

      From the following code we will create the httpRequest for the JSF Page for writing test scenarios.

      JSFSession jsfSession = new JSFSession("/index.jsp")

      Here we will specify the jsp name as the intial page to create a clientSession.

      But incase of Portal application what will be the parameter for creating the JSFSession ,beacause incase of portal applications the broser url will not points to .jsp extension.

      seeking help for implementing JSFUnit framework for our application which is based on JSF and Portlets.