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    SubTable not retaining invalid values in first row only

    Brian Kates Newbie

      I have a simple datatable with a subtable.  The list fed into the datatable and nested subtable contains a number of rows.  Each row contains input fields.  Let's say for example sake, I have three rows.  If I enter in invalid data, for example a letter in a field bound to a number, in the first row and the submit the page, the value displayed in the input field is reset to the previous value.  For example, I have an inputfield with the number "1" in it.  I change it to "a" and submit the form.  An error message is displayed and the value in the input field is changed back to "1".  This differs from all other rows in the datatable / subtable. If for example on the second row I do the same thing, the invalid value ("a") is retained in the input field after the form is submitted.


      We are using 3.3.2.SR1.


      Any thoughts?



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