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    Browser shows empty space after rerendering a page with less content

    Thorsten de vos Newbie



      we are using RichFaces and the PortletBridge to develop Portlets and use them in a JBoss-Portal.


      When we are rerendering a page with a rich:dataTable in the second step with less content as before, the IE 6 and 7 shows the result page centered in the dimension of the first bigger page and doesn't recalculate the size requirement of the new page.


      This results in that the user see at first an empty space and he means there is no result page, he can work with.


      The surprise is, if you press the CTRL-Key and move the mousewheel, the browser will display the page in the correct way.


      Have anyone an idea to display the page on the correct way?


      Many thanks.