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    Can I use a newer version of TinyMCE?

    Flavio Henrique Newbie

      Hi there!


      I noticed that version 2.5 of TinyMCE (rich:editor) that comes with RF3.3.3 has some bugs with Google Chrome (some plugins, like tablecontrols and colorpick, doesn't work), but the newer version (3.3b2) don't (at least I can't reproduce them on their demo page) .


      I tried to use this newer version but or I missing something or I can't use it.


      I downloaded the 3.3b2 version, put it in my project and load it with:


      a4j:loadScript src="/js/tiny_mce.js"


      But seems richfaces still using the bundle version.


      Someone can tell me if I can update or use a newer version? And if yes, how can I do it?


      If no, there's a plan to update tinyMCE in RF3.3.3 final version?


      Thank you so much!


      Flávio Henrique