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    deploying bundled app with jsf1.2 jars in jboss-6.0.0.M2

    judy guglielmin Novice

      In previous versions of jboss application servers, we were able to deploy applications with different versions of jsf with the following context-param:-


      However, with jboss-6.0.0.M2, it appears that classloading of jsf (2.0.2.FCS) is already done before the application is deployed and you get a warning that there are duplicate listeners trying to be loaded (from application bundle) and they are ignored.  I have tried also using the jboss-web.xml settings (first left out as were not required with previous jboss AS versions) for class-loading, but still cannot get this to work.  Is this something that will be supported in this generation of jboss application servers?  If not, how will deploying different versions of jsf jars be handled?  Is there an example somewhere?  Documentation?