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    HornetQ - Pooling resources is hard!

    Cristiano Monteiro Newbie

      Hi there, guys!


      I'm having a bad time trying to setup an application using JMS best practices, witch include connections, sessions, producers and consumers reuse through object pooling. The problem resides on the lack of methods to check and see if the objects residing inside the pool are still usable or not.


      As a workarround for objects validation, I tried to invoke the Connection.start(), Connection.getMetaData(), and others, but none of them worked as expected (lauching exceptions only under certain conditions). I was thinking of creating objects like a message, or try to send a blank message to the server, but I see this as a memory leak and resource wasting...


      So, any of you guys went through this problem before? Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance!

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