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    Moving download file locations to clean up downloads??

    Jay Balunas Master

      We are going to be reorganizing the downloads.jboss.org/richfaces folder.  This is where all of the RichFaces download files are physically stored.


      N.B. that you can not browse directories at http://downloads.jboss.org/richfaces so this is mainly for organizing the directory. 


      At the momement all of the download files are located in the same directory.  It contains a large number of files and is disorganized.  We are going to shift to a model like jbosside where there are various directories for /3.3.X, /4.0.X, and /nightly builds.  I will document this here - RichFaces download.jboss.org/richfaces Structure but I first wanted to figure out what to do with all the older files.


      I see two options:

      • Leave them where they are
        • Not very organized
        • Has no impact on possible external links directory to files
          • I'm not convinced there are many of these
        • Would not need us to update the links on project site
      • Move them to a sub directory
        • Create /archive for pre 3.3.X files
        • Move 3.3.X files to /3.3.X/3.3.Y-ZZ sub directories
        • Makes the download area clean
        • Easier for understanding uploading
        • Would need to update project site links
        • Could cause external links directly to the download files to break
          • I think most external links did not point to actual files because of the #


      Also note that I am going to add an index.html file much like http://downloads.jboss.org/jbosside/ did that will link to the project site downloads.  This should also help with people who may be using old links to files that we move.