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    How to create a WSRP remote portlet on GateIn

    Darlys Maldonado Newbie

      Greetings to all


          At this point I am making an attempt to create a portal that will consist of local portlets and remote to the server.


          I come to testing the consummation of remote portlets and it works great, now I want to develop or produce a portlet that will be exposed to the outside, this means that this portlet will be consumed by another portal, I have reviewed documentation and just says how to define the Remote Portlet example:
          In the file jboss-portlet.xml
               <portlet-name> BasicPortlet </ portlet-name>
               <remotable> true </ remote>
          </ portlet>


          What are the steps to build a remote portlet to be consumed, there is some simple example?, GateIn has an interface to make remote portlets but not very explanatory, from my point of view.


          Appreciate a response



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