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    Poor tree performance when selecting node.

    Lars-Remi Pettersen Newbie

      Hey there,

      In my application I dynamically generate a tree menu based on user selection in another component. The tree has a variable number of elements total, and when there are very few elements in it, the performance is fine. However, the largest tree it has generated thus far has 1474 nodes. The performance is still fine for this tree in firefox, and to a slightly lesser degree in internet explorer 8. However, internet explorer 7 is very slow and internet explorer 6 starts hanging very soon after selecting a node.

      Is there any workaround to make large trees feasible in IE7, and (less importantly) in IE6? I doubt I'll ever have to deal with trees larger than 1474 nodes. If not, is there some other hierarchically structured component that has better performance for numbers of elements of this size?

      On a related note, is there some way to make trees NOT rerender the subtree of the nodes you select? This is very performance heavy when selecting the root node in a large tree.

      Thanks in advance.