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    Allow for configuring default resource adaptor name for the EJB2 MDBs

    Alexey Loubyansky Master



      HornetQ team wants to be able to set the default resource adapter deployment name for all the proxy-factories configured in (standard)jboss.xml under invoker-proxy-bindings.


      Currently, the default resource adapter name is hardcoded in http://anonsvn.jboss.org/repos/jbossas/trunk/server/src/main/java/org/jboss/ejb/plugins/inflow/JBossJMSMessageEndpointFactory.java

      /** The JBoss resource adapter deployment name */
      protected static String jmsra = "jms-ra.rar";


      and can be overriden on the MDB level.


      One option would be to add an element (e.g. resource-adapter-name) to proxy-factory-config to be able to set the default RA name on the proxy factory. The problem with this it will require changes in the DTD, i.e. a new version of the DTD will have to be added to the metadata project (we can't modify released DTD versions). It would be fine for JBoss-6.x but we'll have to make it work in JBoss-5.x as well (EAP).


      Actually, AFAIU, HornetQ team wants to set the default RA name not only on the proxy-factory level but for all the proxy-factories.

      If we consider adding another XML element then we'll get the same problem with the DTD described above.


      I propose to initialize jmsra above from a system property with "jms-ra.rar" being the default in case the system property hasn't been set. This way we avoid the DTD issue.