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    Riftsaw configuration as ODE (wsa headers and failure policy)

    raphael delaporte Newbie



      I'm using Riftsaw 2.0.0 final version.


      I would like to know if Riftsaw supports the ODE configurations as there :

      - http://ode.apache.org/user-guide.html#UserGuide-EndpointConfiguration

      - http://ode.apache.org/user-guide.html#UserGuide-ActivityFailureandRecovery



      1. In fact, i'd like to set custom HTTP header on a SOAP request to a partnerlink.

      I also want to set WS-Addressing headers automaticly on one-way invoke on a partnerlink. Is it possible ?



      2. I want to set some kind of redelivery policy if an invoke activity fails for example. Is it possible ?



      Thanks a lot.