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    cant apply values using rich:calendar

    tweety bird Newbie

      hi.. i am using rich:calendar, it is mapped to a date property in controller class.. i am filtering data in scrollable data table, based on date value selected in calendar,

      initally value is null n all data is displayed, n if i select a date n filter then data is filtered,

      but now if i want to clear the date again to null n use CLEAN of calendar, it clrs the date, but as soon as i click submit, my last selected date pops up back again in the calendar input box, so i am not able to clear out  the date, i can change dates though but not again to null..

      plz tell me how to reset date to null with some coding example if possible...


      using below code doesnt work....

              <rich:calendar id="storeAuditStartDate"
                                          inputSize="27" datePattern="dd-MMM-yyyy"
                                          buttonIcon="../content/images/calendar.png" enableManualInput="true" showApplyButton="true" >                                                            
                                      <a4j:support ajaxSingle="true"  event="onchange" reRender="storeAuditStartDate" immediate="true" bypassUpdates="false" />