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    teiid and mdm

    kelly goedert Apprentice



      I just started reading about mdm and data integration, and some articles say it is possible to have mdm with teiid. I have what I believe is a very common situation, where two different applications have the same data, which actually should be a single one, or a single version of the information. Is it possible to integrate the data of these applications using teiid? and mantain them synchronized?





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          Ramesh Reddy Master



          Yes, it is possible to keep the both sources in sync. However, It really depends upon the


          1) Type of the sources you are trying to keep in the sync. If they both support XA, then Teiid can support any update operation in a single transaction between both sources. I am assuming you want to write the same information in the both the sources.


          2) Whether you can change your applications that do the updates to use Teiid instead of directly going to the source. This way Teiid provides the abstraction for your data. If your application's access is only through Teiid, then you can map the access/update strategy any way you desire.


          If you are looking at Teiid for repliction between two data sources to keep them in sync, it does not support that.



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            kelly goedert Apprentice


            your answer helped, I am probably the one totally confused after days reading about mdm "paid for" solutions that seem to be a silver bullet and one open source one that doesn't have a useful documentation. And also I don't know much about the subject. My situation is the following:
            * I have application A where I have a client record with his name, phone and company information and application B has the same information replicated on it (by replicated I mean all the data has to be entered again manually).
            I would like to have a single point where this client information could be kept (updated/deleted...) for example updating client's phone number and applications A and B would be aware of this modification or would have their data in sync with the modified one.
            Is teiid suited for this?
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              Ramesh Reddy Master

              Use the same database and schema to store the application A's data and application B's data, then you do not need Teiid. You already get the synchronization you need.


              If you can not use same database, then Teiid can be used to integrate the data.



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                kelly goedert Apprentice

                Thanks again.


                Can you recommend any article/tutorial to get me started besides teiid documentation?