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    Basic Negotiation (in toolkit) not using SPNEGO

    Sridhar Alapati Newbie


      I'm trying to setup JBoss Negotiation at my company and I'm running into an issue using while using the jboss-negotiation-toolkit to test my stuff.

      I'm using JBoss 4.2.3.GA and it's running on Solaris. I'm trying to access the toolkit from a different computer.


      When I test the toolkit:

      Basic Negotiation test FAILS (I get the NTLM reponse header back instead of SPNEGO)

      Security Domain Test SUCCEEDS

      Secure test FAILS (I see a warning in the logs: Unsupported negotiation mechanism 'NTLM' )


      Shouldn't the Basic Negotiation Test succeed if my Security Domain Test succeeds?


      Also, I haven't done any krb5.conf file changes on the server hosting the jboss instance? Is this required?


      Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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