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    many topics, paused queues, memory growing

    han tunca Newbie

      I've been working with hornetq for a while - I'm building a system that deploys 3000 - 4000 JMS topics, and connect to it via a couple of consumers.  I noticed that when I did this, some queues were not receiving any messages, and that the JMS server was consuming more and more memory.  On a hunch, I wrote a small program that contacts the server via the JMX interface, gets a QueueControl object for each queue associated with a topic, and calls the resume method - this freed up the messages and memory stopped growing on the server.  I have never invoked the pause method on the QueueControl object, so I'm not sure how the queues get paused in the first place.  In addition, I decided to use the QueueControl object and call the isPaused method - none of the queues reported they were paused.  However, when I called the resume method, the queues started working.  Has anybody run into this problem before?


      thanks in advance.

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