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    IntelliJ IDEA Errai setup

    Lukas Vlcek Newbie



      when imported sample application created by mvn archetype (http://download.jboss.org/errai/docs/1.0.0.GA/userguide/index.html#quickstart-intro) into IntelliJ IDEA I am missing war directory in project view (I can not access any files in war folder and the folder itself is not visible in project files).


      I modyfied maven-war-plugin plugin setup in pom.xml:




      and then also modified maven-antrun-plugin in the following way:


            <delete dir="war" />
            <delete dir="target" />


      Now this seems to fix my problems with IDEA and both mvn package and mvn gwt:run work as expected. Does anybody have any experience with errai and IDEA setup? Do you use different setup?