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    Problem with <rich:orderingList > in rtl

    Khosro Asgharifard Sharabiani Newbie


      When i use <rich:orderingList> in a rtl page ,page render with a huge empty sapce in left side of page(I have attached the image of the page).

      I see the generated Html with Firebug and found that ,when this element renders it generates a input element(<input type="button" style="width: 1px; position: absolute; left: -32767px;" id="j_id179:orderListfocusKeeper">) that causes this empty space.When i change the "left: -32767px" to "left: 1px" everything is OK.Because style of this element declared explicitly ,i can not change its style in my own CSS files ,therefore i can not remove empty sapce.By the way, why this element generated ?

      Is there any solution to remove this element and therefore the empty sapce removed?