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    Problem with WS Security encryption

    Stefano Ficcadenti Newbie

        I'm starting to do some test with WS Security Encryption.
      I follow this article: http://www.developer.com/java/other/article.php/10936_3802631_1/Securing-Web-Services-in-JBoss-Application-Server-with-WS-Security.htm

      When I run the client (with Eclipse as Java Application)throw this Exception:
      Exception in thread "main" javax.xml.ws.  soap.SOAPFaultEx ception: This service requires <wsse:Security>,  which is missing.
          at com.sun.xml. ws.fault. SOAP11Fault.  getProtocolExcep tion(SOAP11Fault .java:188)
           at com.sun.xml. ws.fault. SOAPFaultBuilder .createException  (SOAPFaultBuilde r.java:108)
          at  com.sun.xml. ws.client. sei.SyncMethodHa ndler.invoke( SyncMethodHandle  r.java:119)
          at com.sun.xml. ws.client. sei.SyncMethodHa  ndler.invoke( SyncMethodHandle r.java:89)
          at com.sun.xml.  ws.client. sei.SEIStub. invoke(SEIStub. java:118)
           at $Proxy22.sayHello( Unknown Source)
          at org.jbia.ws.  clientsample. ClientSample. main(ClientSampl e.java:14)


      As the client don't know to use Security. Before run client I must set something on Eclipse ?


      In client META-INF I insert truststore, keystore, jboss-wsse-client and standard-jaxws-client-config.

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