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    External SOAP client fails due to httpheader issue

    Dave Siracusa Newbie

      We have an external client that is trying to invoke a SOAP based web service proxied on the the bus w/ SOAPProxy.

      They happen to be passing in an httpheader with a empty/null value.

      The servlet asserts while processing the headers.  I blieve null/empty values are allowed.


      It asserts due to the following in http/HttpHeader.java:

      public class HttpHeader implements Serializable {

          private String name;
          private String value;

          public HttpHeader(String name, String value) {
              AssertArgument.isNotNullAndNotEmpty(name, "name");
              AssertArgument.isNotNullAndNotEmpty(value, "value"); // <==========================
              this.name = name;
              this.value = value;

          public String getName() {
              return name;

          public String getValue() {
              return value;