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    PojoCache Roadmap?


      I noticed that the latest release of PojoCache is two years old. Is there a roadmap for future development?

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          PojoCache is in maintenance at the moment; no new features to be implemented.

          PojoCache is to be replaced by an JPA-like interface in Infinispan 5.0: no bite bytecode weaving, maintain etc.

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            Hi Mircea,


            I downloaded the 5.1-beta release of Infinispan yesterday, it seems like there is still no replacement for JBossCache "PojoCache" with fine-grained replication.


            Could you please tell me if I'm wrong? And if so, would you mind to show me some sample code to use this feature?


            If I'm not wrong and this feature is still not implemented yet, could you tell me if that's still scheduled for a later release (which one?)



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              This work has been spun off into a new project, under the Hibernate umbrella.  See Hibernate OGM.