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    Spring Support

    Benjamin Darfler Newbie

      I recently tried to switch from ActiveMQ to HornetQ and the biggest pain point I ran into was using HornetQ with Spring. ActiveMQ has a spring namespace that allows for configuration such as the one show on http://activemq.apache.org/spring-support.html under using spring 2.0.


      For instance I can create a connection factory via


      <amq:connectionFactory id="connectionFactory" brokerURL="${jms.url}" userName="${jms.username}" password="${jms.password}" />


      and I can create destinations inline in my applications spring config using




          <amq:topic physicalName="topic1"/>

          <amq:queue physicalName="queue1"/>




      Obviously this is a huge win for applications already built on Spring and having something analogous with HornetQ would greatly improve adoption from those using an ActiveMQ/Spring stack.

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