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    Remote use of JBoss and it's deployed application

    Stefano Ficcadenti Newbie

      I installed JBoss 5.1 as a service on a Ubuntu 8.04 server, with a static IP of the intranet.


      Now I would like to use JBoss from the other point of the network, so from the desktop of the private network to manage Administration console or using web application and web service deployed on the AS.


      If I try localhost:8080/app all work ok, but if I try from other point of the network say connection refused but on port 80 apache respond well.


      So must I configure JBoss to accept connection from the network on port 8080 ? or can I  set JBoss on port 80 ?


      Or what other can I do, to use JBoss AS and it's application from all the point of the network ?