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    equivalent of Websphere's Asynchronous remote queues

    Dean Hiller Newbie

      Websphere had this in their docs..


      "Asynchronous remote queues are queues used to send messages to remote queues and can store messages pending transmission. They cannot remotely retrieve messages. If the network connection is established, messages are sent to the owning queue manager and queue. However, if the network is not connected, messages are stored locally until there is a network connection and then the messages are transmitted. This allows applications to operate on the queue when the device is offline. As a result, these queues temporarily store messages at the sending queue manager while awaiting transmission."


      I am looking for the same EXACT thing in JBoss.  We have 4 jboss clusters(8 nodes total) and we want to send a message from one of 3 clusters to the single receiving cluster and once sendMsg returns, we want it so it is delivered regardless of if the receiving cluster is down or not.  Is this possible? I am still trying to go down this path to find out if it can be done(and how to do it if it can be done), but at least an answer of can it be done or not would be fabulous.