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    Dynamically include modalPanel (on-demand)?

    Thomas W Newbie

      Is it possible to include a rich:modalPanel dynamically into a page based on user input? I have a page that contains several modal panels that each have different layouts. I would like to avoid the overhead of processing components that are referenced by these panels until they are actually required (minimize initial page size and server processing time). The panels should be loaded only when the user performs the action that would require to show them.

      I have the panels each in separate xhtml files and would ideally make the include dynamic. But this does not seem to work in the case of modalPanel. The panel will never show on Richfaces.showModalPanel('xyzModalPanel'); unless it was included as part of the initial page. The wizzard example shows how to switch the content of a panel, in this case I would like to load the entire panel dynamically.