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    Accessing Admin API in Teiid 7.0

    Abraham Jeevagunta Newbie
      I have setup the 7.0 environment just now and I am finding it difficult to get the Admin object (org.teiid.adminpi.Admin). We were using Admin object to deploy, delete and get list of deployed VDBs. Earlier in 6.2 we use to get it through com.metamatrix.jdbc.api.Connection which is not present in 7.0. I tried to look in some of the articles and documentation and could not find much on this except that it can still be used to deploy VDBs programmatically.
      2.1.4. Admin API Deployment
      The Admin API (look in org.teiid.adminpi.*) provides Java API methods that lets a user connect to a Teiid runtime and deploy a VDB. If you need to programmatically deploy a VDB use this method. This method is preferable for OEM users, who are trying to extend the Teiid's capabilities through their applications.

      Kindly let me know if I am missing something very obvious that has changed in 7.0.