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    Extending user profile / modifying registration

    Nic Essling Newbie



      how can I extend a user profile and modify the registration process accordingly?


      In  \webui\eXo\src\main\java\org\exoplatform\webui\organization\UIUserProfileInputSet.java


      the 3 parts of the user profile are defined: PERSONAL_INFO_KEYS, HOME_INFO_KEYS, BUSINESE_INFO_KEYS


      which are then rendered in the groovy template system:/groovy/webui/form/UIVTabInputSet.gtmpl.


      So would I had to modify UIUserProfileInputSet.java directly to add additional properties and remove unwanted properties, compile it and update exo.portal.webui.eXo-5.0.0-epp-GA.jar?


      And by doing this would I also have to update the i18n properties in portlet\exoadmin\src\main\webapp\WEB-INF\classes\locale\portlet\exoadmin\AccountPortlet_xx.properties and update exoadmin.war?


      Or is there an easier way by configuration instead of modifying the source code?







      I obviously mixed up the pages. The above is needed when editing an existing user, but of course this would also have to be adjusted.


      The registration form is actually filled by



      So would I have to add another property there, if I want the user to fill out more during registration?

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          Kent Xu Newbie

          I did something like that a while ago to add new user profile categories and properties. It is actually quite involved for a seemingly minor change. Not sure if it is the proper way. I asked around at the time but not much input about how to do this efficiently. So I end up doing something similar to the

            post below


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            Antoine Herzog Master



            as far as I know, all the way that you have done are ok.


            the question is : how far do I need to modify the way the user are managed in the GateIn portal as it is delivered, to get what I need for my UseCase.


            you can find some more about this question is this post (and in my messages for that topic) :


            in particular in point : "5 ) Business Process application of the companies"


            The point is : GateIn is provided with some pages and user interface to manage the users.

            but with a simple and general user management.


            some portal project may need to extend, adapt, reshape the User entity and the user interface for the management of user/role/group/permission.


            for some projects, the requierments about users are so large that it is better to recode a whole user interface to manage the users.


            then it can be done starting from the GateIn elements, or from stratch.


            as far as the Identity Service contract is compliant, GateIn will find the user information it needs, and work with that.

            even if the User is extended, modified in some part, etc...

            that the interesting thing with the Identity Management project, and the service to provide the users information, independant from the way to manage them.


            one thing to note : what about your modifications, form the GateIn elements, when a new version of GateIn comes ?

            re-adapt the GateIn element for each upgrade is a burden : this must be taken into account in the decision to use a whole custom user management in your portal...


            hope it helps,

            JBoss Portal and GateIn (JSR-286), JSF, Richfaces, J2EE, Drools, BRMS.

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              Nic Essling Newbie

              I think the user profile management in Jboss Portal was superior to that in GateIn now. In the old Portal you could specify the user properties via xml. Now it seems you really have to dig deep and modify some underlying classes - which of course brings the question what will happen when a new version is released.


              I would really appreciate if there would be a strategy to go back to the xml configuration. I bet that this will bite the developers in most enterprise projects as the customers will of course have detailed requirements on which profile data should be used. So user profile modifications is a natural part in all portal projects.



              in your post http://community.jboss.org/thread/152294 you referred to you still had questions. Could you update a bit how you finally ended up with your customizations?