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    Multiple tab panels and backing bean for each of them

    Anand Saranath Srinivasa Raghavan Newbie


      In my application, I have 3 top level tabs 'Jobs', 'Messages' and 'Audit. The 'Jobs' tab internally contains tabs like 'queue1', 'queue2'. These tabs are dynamically generated using c:forEach.

      The Messages tab has an associated MessagesBean backing bean and the Audit tab has an AuditBean backing bean.

      All the tabs have switchType as 'ajax'. When I switch between 'queue1' and 'queue2', I see in the log the MessagesBean and the AuditBean beans' constructors getting called. I am really puzzled. There is no reference to these beans from the bean associated to 'queue1' and 'queue2'.

      Why will the beans be instantiated when I have not even entered into the tabs associated to the beans?

      Any help here would be much appreciated.