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    JBPM 4.4 taskService.completeTask leaves no task outcome specified in history.

    Joe Schmoe Newbie

      After upgrading our database from JBPM 4.1 to 4.4 a strange problem has arisen.


      For some reason when we complete tasks using:


      taskService.completeTask(taskId, "completed");


      We end up with the following being recorded as the task outcome:  jbpm_no_task_outcome_specified_jbpm


      Whereas is should be:  "completed".


      Here is the task element in question:


      <task name="screen" assignee="#{ stringId }">
                <transition name="completed" to="send_email" />
                <transition name="abandoned" to="abandoned" />
                <transition name="to abandoned" to="abandoned" ends-task="true">
                     <timer duedate="60 days" />


      Also by looking in the JBPM4_hist_task table I can see that the status of the task is marked as "obsolete".


      I should add that the process transitions to the next step correctly, it just does not record the correct task outcome for this one task in the history table.


      Any clue what could be causing this?