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    Identifying delay in JBoss 5.1 startup time

    Rodrigo Uchoa Novice

      Hey guys,


      I've read many threads regarding jboss startup time, but none of them seem to be the issue I'm having. Lets cut to the chase:



      1-- 08:40:43,305 DEBUG [ServiceController] starting service jboss.remoting:service=Connector,transport=socket
      2-- 08:40:43,307 DEBUG [ServiceController] Registering service jboss:service=invoker,type=unified
      3-- 08:41:13,558 DEBUG [ServerInvoker] SocketServerInvoker[mir40:4446] added org.jboss.profileservice.management.upload.remoting.DeployHandler@da8d02 for subsystem 'DeploymentManager'

      4-- 08:41:13,563 DEBUG [ManagementViewImpl] addTemplate: org.jboss.resource.deployers.management.DsDataSourceTemplate@d117fa
      5-- 08:41:43,717 DEBUG [ProxyFactory] Bound ProfileService proxy under: ProfileService



      You'll notice by the debug lines above that there's a huge delay between lines 2;3 and 4;5. Almost 1 minute in total. The strange thing is that this delay only happen when I'm at work. When I take my laptop home this delay doesn't happen.


      Any clues will be appreciated.