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    Teiid Datasources, JDBC Identity and Connection Pooling

    Brenton Camac Newbie

      Is there a way to change the current security credentials of a Teiid JDBC Connection (i.e. without closing the connection)?  Or, alternatively, is there a way to send a different set of credentials with the JDBC statement to Teiid for Teiid to use in VDB authorization decisions which are be different from those credentials used to originally establish the datasource connection?


      This page hints at being able to send a ClientToken (http://community.jboss.org/wiki/TeiidJDBCConnectionProperties) which sounds promising but I don't see how/if that can be done with an existing connection.


      My reason for asking is that I would like to use Teiid's authorization capabilities in the VDB (role-based) which are based on the credentials associated with the JDBC Connection.  But without either of the above techniques this requires that a new JDBC Connection be opened for each new user that is to interact with Teiid.


      Ideally, I would like JBoss to be able to create a pool of JDBC Connections (using some generic username/password value) and then whenever the application gets a connection from the pool it would just set the 'runas' credentials which Teiid would use instead of the datasource credentials.


      Oracle's OCI has this type of capability (viz.  Section 19.1.4), although obviously its not standard JDBC.


      thx in advance,