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    StreamMessage seems truncated

    Steven Landers Newbie

      Key Info:

      - We're in the process of going from JBossMQ to HornetQ.

      - I haven't yet installed (nor have had approved - its out of my control) the absolute latest version or HornetQ yet, but I have the previous (2.1.1)

      - Running HornetQ on top of JBoss5


      My Issue:

      1) I put 4k of XML into a StreamMessage

      2) It is placed in a HornetQ

      3) I consume the message

      4) The StreamMessage seems to only contain up to the opening Tag  (first greater than sign) - throwing an EOF afterwards.


      When I do the same, except with a JBossMQ, this does not occur - and the whole message can be parsed as XML via Sax.


      Does anyone have any thoughts regarding what might be causing this?  Perhaps I need to configure something size-oriented on the queue?  I thought it was newlines at first, so I removed those, but to no avail.  I'm particularly interested in why it ends at the first greater than sign - without fail, regardless of the size of the tag.


      Thanks for your time!