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    A question on using RAMDirectoryProvider for index

    Lin Ye Novice

      We got a cache cluster in replicated mode with fetchInMemoryState set to true, and want to use RAMDirectoryProvider with indexLocalOnly set to false. When we have all cache instances up running, the data being put into the cache are indexed correctly. However, if we have a new cache instance join the cluster, the states fetching happens at the time calling cacheManager.getCache(); then when we construct a QueryHelper with the cache object passed in to add a QueryInterceptor, it will only index the objects put into the cache afterwards. Those data fetched from peers during startup won't be indexed and are not searchable. Is there a way to get those existing data before joining time indexed?


      Alternatively, if we don't use fetchInMemoryState, but ClusterCacheLoader for lazy loading. After we start a new cache instance, create the QueryHelper, without getting data to the local cache instance, I don't see how the exiting data would be indexed either. Please suggest how to get the exiting data indexed when using ClusterCacheLoader as well.

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