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    Strange input tag using Firefox with RF 3.3.1

    Flavio Henrique Newbie

      Hi there!
      I updated my richfaces libs to 3.3.1GA and found a strange behavior, that dont occurs with 3.2.2 (my actual version), when I use Firefox:

      When a specific page is loaded I can see an empty input text on left top corner that is not in my code.
      Using Firebug Inspector on "ghost" field, I see :

      <form><input name="script1242761912634"/></form>

      This input text don't came from my code.
      And when this happens, any action (commandButtom for instance) from that page wont work.

      I noticed that everytime this happens a new error appears on Firebug console (on line 24 of richfaces/renderkit/html/scripts/jquery/jquery.js.jsf file). But this is just a thought...

      I tested with Chrome and IE6 and works without problems.
      Using 3.2.2 everything works fine with FF, IE6 and Chrome.

      And this "ghost" field only appears if I use a f:selectOneMenu to filter a rich:dataTable on previous page.

      I thought that was my fault, but the same code works with IE and Chrome. And the same code with 3.2.2 works with all browsers. So I dont know what's happening.

      Any idea about this? This problem prevents me to update the libs.

      I can provide any information needed.

      Thank you in advance.

      (RF 3.3.1, JSF 1.2_09, Facelets 1.1.14, Jdk6, Tomcat6)


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