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    jsf 2.0 and java.util.set

    nimo stephan Master

      Does JSF 2.0 provide iterating through java.util.set ?


      I have tried but it seems it not supports that.  Am I right?



      It is really annoying to provide a additional getter-method only for jsf:


      private Set<Hobby> hobbies = new HashSet<Hobby>();
      public Set<Hobby> getHobbies() {return hobbies;}
      public void setHobbies(Set<Hobby> hobbies) {this.hobbies= hobbies;}

      // extra getter for JSF

      public List<Hobby> getListHobbies() {return new ArrayList<Hobby>(hobbies);}



      #{hobbies} is not possible


      #{listHobbies} is possible