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    Does Teiid support normal SQL to insert/update/delete database?

    jalen zhong Newbie

      For SELECT, it can be done directly.


      For INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE, I have several questions:

      1) I must write virtual procedures for these SQLs in Teiid Designer, right?

      2) From end user side, he can use normal SQL to INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE database directly, instead of calling the virtual procedure. Am I right?

      3) For #2, can I also call the procedure from end user side, right?

      4) Are above items documented in the offical documentation?


      Thanks a lot.

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          Steven Hawkins Master

          1) virtual procedures are not required.  Based upon your needs you can optionally use virtual procedures or view update procedures to handle updates.

          2) you can issues updates directly to the physical model, but that is not quite the same as issuing directly to the database.  The SQL must still be targeted to Teiid.

          3) imported stored procedure and virtual procedures may be called from the client.

          4) you may be looking more for a recommended approach rather than a specific section of doc.  The docs do cover issuing update statements and calling stored procedures and do not mandate that you must create virtual procedures.  Is there something that you need procedure logic for?