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    7.2 Jopr Plugin

    vincent Planat Newbie



      Looking at the Jopr plugin for Teiid I've arrived to the following article written in Dec 2009 by Ted Jones. http://community.jboss.org/wiki/TeiidPluginforMonitoringandConfigurationusingEmbeddedJopr#

      Looking at the current 7.2-alpha2 documentation I see an abvious copy/past of some part of the article into the Teiid-admin guide. But their is a missing part in the alpha-2 admin guide that is present into Ted's article about the VDB/Model.

      We don't have VDB model metrics and Operations listed in Alpha-2 admin guide.

      Is it intentional or forgotten ?


      Thanks for your support




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          Ramesh Reddy Master

          "Deploying the VDB" section is the missing part you are talking about. This document does not go into in detail as to what are exposed from the VDB. If this is not clear, please let us know with your suggestions, we will see we can fix the document.




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            vincent Planat Newbie

            I would suggest

            7.1.1 Teiid Runtime Engine

   as it is with current 7.1.1 of -alpha-2 doc

   as it is with current 7.1.2 of -alpha-2 doc

   as it is with current 7.1.3 of -alpha-2 doc


            7.1.2 VDB/Model

   as it is with current 7.1.4 of -alpha-2 doc


            • VDB properties
              • Name
              • Version
              • Description
              • Status - updateable
              • URL
            • Translator Properties
            • Models 
              • Single source/Multi-source 
                • Name
                • Source name
                • Translator name
                • Connection JNDI name - updateable
                • Visible
                • Supports multi-source
              • Logical 
                • Name
                • Type
                • Visible
            • Errors 
              • Severity
              • Message



            • Status
            • Error count


            • View Current VDB Sessions
            • View Current VDB Requests


            Hope this helps